UPDATE: Zero Audio Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT

I’ve been using the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT as my daily driver for six or seven months now and thought it was time to pass along my experience. As noted in my original review, the sound has been excellent. I have probably 15 or 20 different pair of earbuds but this is the one I keep in my laptop bag and use whenever I’m working at a coffee shop or library. The big question on these has always been the build quality: it’s a quality product but the design feels a little delicate. The cord is very thin and there’s minimal strain relief at the buds. I haven’t run into any problems there but I’m probably a little more careful than the average user. I always wrap the cords properly and store them in my laptop bag pocket, away from keys, etc.

The one area that I’ve experienced some wear has been the tips. I’ve never experienced this before but the silicon tips seem to have expanded a little, to the point where they no longer grip the nozzle and will fall off without warning. Taking them out of my ears requires me to fish the tip out of my ear canal and if I’m not careful even just taking the buds out of my bag will end up with one of the tips on the floor. As problems go this isn’t bad, I can either use a little rubber cement to secure the tips to the nozzle or I can take this as an opportunity to order some new tips and see how they effect the sound, which is what I plan to do. Check back in a few months when I post my findings.

Overall I’m still thrilled with these earphones. As I said, it’s the pair I use when I’m not evaluating a new pair, the sounds is just amazing for the money and they’re comfortable too.

Link: Zero Audio Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT at Amazon